is brand evolved in gadget and phone accessories business since 2012,which is owned and managed by Hexa Cooperation Sdn. Bhd. since 2015

Our Business focusses on achieving current market trends by meeting the right supply and demand on the fast evolving gadget and phone accessories
As variety, quality, and affordability remains our core principal in business, our product range which are competitively priced are available at all branches around Malaysia.targetting on each regional states

Business In Economical

To carry on the business in economical gadget for good (accessories) and services (phone repair) , being the consignor and supplier for both wholesale and retails

Business In Advertising

To carry on the business of advertising for both online,offline,publicity agent,sub-agent to any other kind of media including internet,newspaper,souvenirs,service provider and other display devices

Engagement on related projects

Beginning 2017, IKEDAIKAMI embark on the opportunity with Kedah Regional Development
Authority (KEDA), an agency under the Ministry of
Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) by
conducting the Mentor – Mentee Program (2017-
2018) among the rural entrepreneurs.
From this program, the successful participants
were given entrepreneurship training and funding
and became the representative of IKEDAIKAMI
brand (one branch in one district) in the Northern
region at Kedah state.
From the previous program, there are nine (9)
entrepreneurs selected for nine (9) districts


Providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to begin business with small capital as a start up

Batu pahat branch
Sungai petani branch
Kuantan branch